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Space Marine Crimson Fists Army Warhammer 40k

The VAST majority are nicely painted​/​ based and ready to go. All pictured are based and nearly ready to go. Only a few needing some glue repair. Atleast 31 OOP Metal Models $150- 20 OOP Metal Scouts $110- 11 Terminators ​/​one arm needs repair $118- Land Raider Crusader ​/​Meltagun and front ramp need repair​/​ parts included. $50- Devastator Squad $150- 3 Tactical Squads $60- Metal OOP Sternguard Squad $15- Metal OOP Librarian $15- Metal OOP Captain $25- Metal Pedro Kantor ​/​needs repair $35- 11 Tactical Marines, no base done, some need repair. Free- Army Transport bag that holds them all. New Value $788 minimum including bag and foam. 30% off, $510 $500 for everything Includes shipping to CONUS.


  • CategoryWarhammer 40K
  • Assembly ConditionFully Assembled
  • Item ConditionUsed

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