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Welcome to 2nd Hand Geek: The Marketplace for Tabletop Game Stores

Welcome to 2nd Hand Geek: The Marketplace for Tabletop Game Stores

2nd Hand Geek is here to help you expand your reach, boost your sales, and connect with passionate tabletop gamers across the country.

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world eaters battleforce

Angrons For Everyone

An Angron for you, an Angron for you, and an Angron for YOU!

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adeptus custodes army warhammer 40k

Staying Competitive On A Budget With Adeptus Custodes

Suddenly, uncompetitive armies are competitive again! Are the Emperor's Golden Boys right for your next army?

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Leviathan box space marines vs tyranids

Which Army To Start? The Leviathan Box Set 10th Edition

It’s a new edition, and it’s time for a fresh start.

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art of war podcast

A New Dawn for Warhammer 40K

Last week, the Warhammer 40K community was abuzz with the release of the latest balance data slate, a pivotal moment that promised to reshape the competitive landscape.

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2nd hand geek on the manaverse podcast

2ndHandGeek.com on the Manaverse Podcast

Alan Blakeborough, Founder and CEO of 2ndHandGeek.com, talks about the new online marketplace that supports friendly local game stores.

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paint guide

Understanding Paint Levels for Miniature War Games

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you understand the different paint levels and what each standard entails.

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How to set up stripe payments

How To Setup Stripe Payments

2nd Hand Geek uses Stripe to process payments between users. If you want to be able to buy or sell on the platform, an obviously crucial feature of a marketplace, you need to take a couple minutes and set up a Stripe account.

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