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40k Space Marine Tyrannic War Veterans Transfer Sheet​/​Decal

This listing is for the Transfer sheet that was given out at events for the 10th Edition release event​/​tournaments. These sheets are perfect to show that your Space Marines are prepared for the looming Tyranid threat to the Imperium! The sheets are about 207mm tall by 147mm wide. Or 8 1​/​4 inches tall, and 5 3​/​4 inches wide. I have many! I would be willing to sell all my sheets (x40) at $2 each if you buy them all! Only $5 shipping no matter how many you want. I'm trying to see if​/​how I can do quantities.


  • CategoryWarhammer 40K
  • Assembly ConditionNew on Sprue
  • Item ConditionNew

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