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2nd Hand Geeks Partners with Relai to Launch Exchange Zones at Local Game Stores

2nd Hand Geek, a pioneering online marketplace for buying and selling miniatures and games, has partnered with Relai to place Exchange Zones across their growing network of local game stores, offering hobbyists a new, convenient way to drop off and pick up items sold online.

This partnership marks a significant step forward in enhancing the convenience and security of online transactions. Exchange Zones are conveniently located towers with secure compartments that allow users to drop off an item for someone else to pick up using a Relai App. Instead of coordinating in-person meetups, one person can drop the item off at an Exchange Zone and then text a link to the recipient for them to pick up.

"We are excited to partner with Relai to bring their groundbreaking Exchange Zones to our community," said Alan Blakeborough, CEO of 2nd Hand Geek. "This partnership will provide our users with a secure, efficient way to exchange their items, which is fundamental in the era of online trading."

Miles Mufuka Martin, Co-Founder & CEO commented, "Our mission with Exchange Zones has always been to make item exchange as seamless and secure as possible. Partnering with 2nd Hand Geek is a fantastic opportunity to bring our technology to a community that can truly benefit from it."

Exchange Zones are designed to be incredibly user-friendly, requiring no power or Wi-Fi, and occupy only 6 square feet of space. Users only have to download a Relai app to access the Exchange Zones, making them an accessible option for game stores of any size. More importantly, there is no cost for store owners to host an Exchange Zone.

In partnership with Relai, 2nd Hand Geek is providing game stores with the infrastructure to reach more local hobbyists and create more opportunities for communities to connect. Store owners interested in hosting an Exchange Zone can sign up here.

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About 2nd Hand Geek: 2nd Hand Geek is an online marketplace dedicated to the buying and selling of miniatures and tabletop games. With a community-focused approach, 2nd Hand Geek provides a platform for enthusiasts to find and exchange their favorite games and collectibles.

About Relai: Committed to building dynamic and sustainable infrastructure that enables everyone to do more locally, Relai introduced the Exchange Zone to give people hyperlocal and on-demand access to drop off and pick up physical items asynchronously.