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Angrons For Everyone

An Angron for you, an Angron for you, and an Angron for YOU!

Dear Reader, you may believe my obsession with Khorne’s good bois is strange. They’re too simple, you say! They have only a few playable units and their only move is to run at their opponent and hope they run out of models before you. They’re boring to paint! Red, bronze/gold, done. And to all that I say, that’s why they’re awesome.

Not everybody wants complicated. The Blood God’s good bois are easy to build and easy to play. They have a bloody and sad backstory worth reading about. They have new sculpts for all of their playable models unless you really want to include some Red Butchers Terminators, but those are pretty cool models too. They have a primarch who just looks all sorts of fancy. And you can have 2000 points battle ready in a day of hard painting. Spray paint red, add some bronze/gold, goblin green for the bases, DONE. Sure, it won’t win best painted, but it’ll be painted, look awesome from 4 feet away, and when Angron plows into their back line, you’ll feel all the satisfaction of the Butchers Nails without any of the depressing/debilitating side effects (e.g., constant pain, depression, murderous rage, drooling and other… leakage, etc.)

world eaters arm box

Now that I’ve convinced you to start them, your next question is probably how to start. First, go buy a World Eater’s Battleforce. As you read in my last article, they’re perfect for starting a World Eaters’ Army. Then, buy another and another. Sold out you say?! Poppy-cock.

Games Workshop, as is tradition, sold out instantly, but really you shouldn’t buy them from there. They sell them for $280, which is about $40 dollars more than you should spend. Buy them from your local hobby store or from your fellow players on 2nd Hand Geek, and keep those savings for yourself! My local store is Meeplemart in Toronto, Canada, and they not only have them in stock, but offer free shipping for orders over $175.

khorne berzerkers models

Why buy multiple? Who in their right mind would buy multiple Angrons? Well, dear Reader, Angron is not only a beautiful game model, he’s also a beautiful display model, and in general, is in high demand. When I started writing this article, I found a few Angrons on Facebook Marketplace, but by the time I went to look for screenshots, they’d already been sold. So, I found new ones and took screenshots of those. However, these people are selling them used for more than the price of buying them new at your local store ($180 and $175 respectively, when any other local store will sell them brand new for $170 plus tax).

However, we shall not judge. For example, I always list things on Facebook Marketplace for 10-20% more than I plan to sell them because everybody, EVERYBODY, dickers. There’s nothing worse than putting something up for a fair price and some asshole (me) asks for 50% off. I think when you put them up for sale, you should aim for $150+shipping and call it a day. If you get a little less, that’s fine too! Afterall, you have 1-2 more to sell, and it’ll all come clean in the wash.

Now, why are you buying so many World Eaters’ Battleforces? First, because the models are all new sculpts and very tournament playable. In fact, the only models not really tournament playable are the Berzerkers (they only appear in 1 out of the three lists linked here), but you can’t call yourself a World Eater’s player without them, so you might as well keep them.

Sell the extra Angrons, buy some Jackals, a Rhino, and maybe a Lord Invocatus, and you’re already at 2000 points if you count the Berzerkers. You’ll have to do a little more to have a 100% tournament winning list, but you’ll do fine with just what’s outlined here.

Now, what if in the end you decide that Khorne’s just not for you? Maybe you want something a little more shooty or a little more nimble or just an army with more than 3-5 types of units to choose from. Well, then sell your extra Battleforces for 20% above Games Workshop MSRP and call it a day. 2nd Hand Geek is the perfect platform for this. wink wink nudge nudge They’re not even sold out and I already found people on Facebook Marketplace asking for $320 and higher. Basically, you have nothing to lose except your patience, and to be honest, that’s something the Blood God would prefer you without.

What other army do you think would be a good candidate for buying big boxes (Battleforces, Combat Patrols, etc.) of, then selling the extra units to help defray the cost? Leave a comment below.

Mad Doc