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2nd Hand Geek Development Roadmap

We want 2nd Hand Geek to be the ultimate marketplace for hobbyists and tabletop enthusiasts like you to come together to buy and sell the treasured items in their collection, so we're planning some exciting new features for the platform. Below is an outline of our plans and vision for the future of the 2nd Hand Geek marketplace.

Our goal is to continuously improve and expand our platform to better serve the tabletop gaming community. Stay tuned for exciting new features and enhancements!

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What We're Working On Now

personal collections

Personal Collections

We want users to be able to upload and track their own personal collections on 2nd Hand Geek. Users will be able to upload items to the platform and choose whether they appear on the marketplace, are open to offers, or just part of their personal collection.

paypal integration

Paypal Integration

We currently have Stripe handling the payments on the marketplace, but we want to give users the option to use Paypal as well. This should give people more flexibility in both buying and selling on the marketplace.

batch uploading

Batch Uploading

Currently, users can only create one new listing at a time. We want users, and especially local game store owners to be able to upload a CSV file and create multiple listings at the same time. This should save time for people that have a lot of items they want to list.

What We're Working On Next

avatar customization

Avatar Customization

Users will be able to customize their account avatars by participating in the marketplace and contributing to the community.

shopify integration

Shopify Integration

We want local game stores to be able to easily sync and syndicate their inventory to the 2nd Hand Geek marketplace. Integrating with Shopify would allow stores to easily have their second hand inventory listed on the marketplace, and make stock keeping accurate.

facebook sign on

Facebook Sign-On

Just like it works with Google, users will be able to use their Facebook account to quickly and easily make a new 2nd Hand Geek account.

referral tracking

Referral Tracking

A core goal of the 2nd Hand Geek marketplace is to support local game stores. We want stores that have signed up for an account to be able to easily refer their customers and track the amount of revenue share they've earned. Stores (and other users that want to use the feature) will be able create and share signup links that will automatically associate the new user with the referring account.

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