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How To Setup Stripe Payments

2nd Hand Geek uses Stripe to process payments between users. If you want to be able to buy or sell on the platform, an obviously crucial feature of a marketplace, you need to take a couple minutes and set up a Stripe account.

Why Complete Your Payment Info?

Smooth Transactions: Ensure your purchases and sales go through without a hitch.

Secure Payments: Our system keeps your financial details safe.

Get Paid Promptly: Receive funds for your sales directly to your account.

How to Update Your Payment Info:

  • Log in to your 2nd Hand Geek account.
  • Go to the "Account Settings" section.
  • Click on "Payment Information."
  • Follow the steps below to add your payment details.

Step #1

Click on Payout Details.

stripe set up step 1

Step #2

Select your account type. Are you an individual or fo you represent a business?

stripe set up step 2

Step #3

Enter your country and banking information. You may need to log into your online banking and view your account to get the Transit, Institution, and Bank Account numbers. Printing a void check may be a good alternative to finding this info, depending on your bank.

stripe set up step 3

Step #4

Save your details.

stripe set up step 4

Step #5

Stripe may need you to verify your account. Click the Get Verified button.

stripe set up step 5

Step #6

If you have a Stripe account, enter your mobile number and email and login. If not, you can create a new account at this point.

stripe set up step 6
stripe set up step 7

Step #7

Once you have verified your Stripe account it should say it's up to date. Head back to Account Settings and click Payment methods. Enter your credit card details and click Save payment card.

stripe set up step 8

And that's it. Once that's done, you're all set to start buying and selling on 2nd Hand Geek!