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Handsome Demon Lover Figurine DnD (32 mm or custom)

Step into the mystical realm of demons with our Handsome Demon Lover Figurine. This 3D printed miniature showcases a muscular demon with a striking naked torso, exuding allure and power. Standing proudly, he poses with a dangerous spiky tail and two menacing horns on his head, embodying the essence of a demon lover. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this figurine captures the captivating allure of a demon lover, blending danger with attraction. His muscular physique and proud stance convey strength and confidence, while his spiky tail and horns hint at his demonic nature. Material: Constructed from premium 3D Printed Resin, ensuring exquisite details from the demon's muscular torso to his menacing horns. Unpainted for Your Artistic Vision: Customize this miniature to your liking, whether enhancing its demonic features or adding intricate details to its muscular physique. Included Components: 1x Handsome Demon Lover Figurine, 1x Base Embrace the allure of darkness with this captivating tribute to demon lovers. Elevate your collection with this Handsome Demon Lover Figurine, a testament to the fascination of the supernatural. Ensure its pristine condition upon arrival by inspecting for any shipping damages. Looking to enhance your collection? Contact us for custom modifications or larger sizes of this handsome demon figurine.


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  • Assembly ConditionNew in box

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