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Hello, I'm I Like 3D.

Hey there! I'm Ana​,​ your friendly neighborhood 3D enthusiast and maker of cool things. Thanks a bunch for swinging by my little corner of Etsy I'm delighted you stumbled upon my 3D files and printed models! Picture this: me​,​ a designer navigating the vast 3D universe​,​ realizing I can create practically anything. How cool is that​,​ right? Cue the light bulb moment​,​ and here we are on Etsy​,​ where I've set up shop to do what I absolutely love crafting awesome stuff and sharing it with all of you wonderful folks. My dream? To make a living doing what I'm passionate about and​,​ fingers crossed​,​ become the Etsy wizard of 3D wonders. Imagine a world where I spend my days immersed in creativity and delivering top-notch goodies to you amazing customers. Sounds like a plan​,​ doesn't it? So​,​ join me on this wild ride​,​ wish me luck​,​ and don't be shy hit me up anytime. Let's make this Etsy journey a 3D-tastic adventure together!

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