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Industrial Terrain Set fits 40k and Kill Team. 3d Printed Scenery

Industrial Kill Team Modular Set Fits Warhammer 40k Fits Kill Team Fits Star Wars Legion What you get: Everything pictured in the photo! Models are 3D printed. Using PLA, a sustainable plant-based plastic that decomposes in industrial composting—color may vary depending on available material. Resolution of .2mm. All Pieces are Unpainted. Scale. This tabletop scenery is suitable for miniatures 28mm or 32mm in scale. Here are the four quick and easy steps I use when I paint terrain. 1) Base Coat - Midtone This step is where you block out the basic colors. I like to prime with a rattle can primer to fill in some of the layer lines left from the 3d printing process (Bonus points if you get a primer in the main color of the piece!). Do not worry too much about getting everything perfect, the next step will help cover your mistakes. 2) Wash - Shadows Fill in the cracks and shadows with your favorite wash. Army painter makes a great product called quick shade strong tone designed for this, it also doubles as a sealant. I prefer mixing my own washes with oil paints and mineral spirits. But any diluted paint that gathers in the cracks will do. 3) Drybrush - Highlights Grab a large brush (I use a cheap makeup brush) and get some white or ivory paint on it. Then wipe almost all of it off and hit all the raised edges to make all the details pop. Terrain needs a heavy drybrush to look good, more than you may be used to from painting miniatures. 4) Details This is the fun part. Pick a few of your favorite details in the model and paint those, ignore everything else. I would suggest only adding one or two colors in this step. Terrain is a backdrop, not the main focal point on the table. Please note this item is 3D printed. It may have layer lines or other small imperfections caused by the printing process. Please note this item is NOT a Warhammer 40k terrain piece and is not endorsed or affiliated with Games Workshop. This terrain item is designed with the purpose to be compatible with epic scale miniatures and miniature role playing game products. All of these ruins were designed by Forbidden Prints and sold under a commercial license.


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