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Snorlax - Lost Origin Trainer Gallery - TG10​/​TG30

Near mint card. Card Number: TG10​/​TG30 Rarity: Ultra Rare Card Type: Colorless HP: 150 Stage: Basic Ability: Unfazed Fat Prevent all effects of attacks from your opponent's Pokemon done to this Pokemon. (Damage is not an effect.) Attack 1: [3] Thumping Snore (180) This Pokemon is now Asleep. During Pokemon Checkup, flip 2 coins instead of 1. If either of them is tails, this Pokemon is still Asleep. Attack 2: None Weakness: Fighting X2 Resistance: Retreat Cost: X4 Artist: Kouki​/​Saitou


  • CategoryPokémon
  • Item ConditionUsed
  • Card ConditionLightly Played

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