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Deception Huntress Fighter With Sword and Bow (32mm or custom)

Step into the enchanted realms of fantasy with our Deception Huntress With Sword and Bow Miniature. Crafted with exquisite detail, this figurine embodies the grace and prowess of an experienced swordswoman and bow woman. With a bow in her left hand and a sword in her right, she stands poised on a rocky perch, ready to confront any foe, be it demon or dragon. Material: Made with premium 3D printed resin, ensuring intricate details and lifelike features. Unpainted for Your Artistic Vision: This miniature allows for customization, allowing you to bring your own creative touch to this elegant elf warrior. Included Components: 1x Deception HuntressMiniature 1x Base Embrace the mystique and allure of elven warriors with this captivating figurine. Elevate your fantasy collection with the Women Elf Fighter Miniature, a tribute to the bravery and skill of elven swordswomen. Ensure its pristine condition upon arrival by inspecting for any shipping damages. We take great care in packaging your order, but should you encounter any issues, please contact us promptly for assistance. Looking for a larger size or custom modifications? Reach out to us to add this enchanting figure to your collection today.


  • CategoryD&D Minis
  • Assembly ConditionNew in box

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